"The Bulgarian market presents a great opportunity to lead in innovation and industry standards. We are determined to do all it's necessary for establishing proper regulations and fare play for legitimate operators."


After the adoption of the amendments to the Gambling Act (SG 69 of 2020), a group of young people with experience in audiovisual media services, digital marketing, law and psychology initiated the creation of a non-governmental organization as a non-profit and non-political structure to benefit society.


BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF GAMBLING ACTIVITIES was registered in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities on 17.07.2020 with UIC 206166550.


The first initiatives of the Association were related to the organization of discussions and participation in the public debate on a number of regulations in the field of gambling.

The main goals of the Association are:


To unite the efforts of the members for the sustainable development of the entire process of harmonization of the Bulgarian legislation in the field of gambling, popularization, and promotion of the best practices in the gambling and gaming industry, support of sports integration, healthcare, education, and technology.


The specific activities of the Association are:


  • analysis, public outreach, staff training, discussion and development of proposals for legislative changes, monitoring and direct public monitoring of national legislation in the field of gambling, advertising, electronic payments, personal data protection, integrity and responsible gambling;


  • taking part in domestic and international programmes and projects to promote and support the harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with European Community law and best European practices in the field of gambling and gambling activities;


  • establishing and developing contacts with non-governmental and international organizations to work together on the elaboration of specific draft laws and to study the legislative experience of existing members of the European Community in the field of gambling and related activities;


  • reconciling national lifestyle, culture and traditions in Bulgarian gambling legislation with European recommendations, values and standards;


  • participation in national and international programmes for responsible gambling, credible payment services, cloud technologies, and prevention and treatment of addictions.


The Association’s seat and registered office is Sofia 1407, Bulgaria, 76A James Bourchier Blvd., Hill Tower Business Center, fl. 3, email& office@bgaa.bg