We, the members of the non-profit association for public benefit “BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF GAMBLING ACTIVITIES” unite our efforts for sustainable development of the overall process of harmonization of the Bulgarian legislation in the field of gambling; to promote and affirm best practices in the gambling and gaming industry; to support physical culture, sports integration, healthcare, education and technology.

The main principles that guide our business behavior are:

o Observance of the laws of the country and recognition of the rule of law;

o Intolerance towards the gray sector and corrupt practices;

o Partnership and cooperation with central and local institutions, bodies and individuals;

o Respect for the human rights of its employees and workers;

o Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, training and professional development of employees;

o Encouraging the development of employees and workers only on the basis of achievements, experience, qualifications and abilities necessary for their work.

o Maintaining high quality of the products and services we offer;

o Maintaining honest relations with its competitors;

o Efficient use of resources and care for environmental protection;

o Support local and central government in achieving effective public administration, provision of services, as well as fair and transparent rules.

This Code has been developed in accordance with the ten basic principles of the business ethics standard of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum / BBLF /.